Disability Services

Countless Opportunities to Learn and Grow

At Easterseals Redwood we celebrate children and adults with disabilities by providing countless opportunities to learn and grow.

Our mission revolves around empowering and enriching the lives of people with disabilities, ensuring that they have equal opportunities, support, and resources to lead fulfilling lives.

Our work with children starts early, often at infancy, and provides them with a solid foundation in their formative years. From birth to age 21, these services range from an inclusive childcare environment to access to appropriate medical care, therapies, and rehabilitation services. As children develop into teens, we help them explore and expand their abilities to live richer, fuller lives as they become young adults.

We also serve adults with disabilities, focusing on maintaining their dignity while challenging them to expand their abilities. We have a wide range of programs and services that meet you where you are and empower you to grow and develop and reach your full potential.

We constantly keep families in the forefront, providing support and guidance as they navigate the sometimes complex world of finding and qualifying for specific services.

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Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Join us as we build confidence, achieve personalized goals, become part of the community, and develop independent living skills.

Programs for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities

We support youth and young adults with disabilities as they move on to the next life stage. A successful transition from school to post-secondary school or employment is our goal.

Programs for Children and Infants with Disabilities

All infants and children with disabilities deserve the opportunity to have a strong start in life so they can reach their fullest potential. Our programs are carefully designed to do just that.

An image capturing a joyful moment during occupational therapy, where the swing is part of a therapeutic session designed to enhance sensory integration, motor skills, and overall well-being.


Therapy can provide tremendous benefits if done effectively. We’re skilled at working with all ages and abilities and collaborate with families and program staff to help each individual experience success and increase independence.

Assistive Technology Resource Center

Our Fort Mitchell, KY campus is one of five regional assistive technology resource centers in Kentucky, known as KATS. The mission is to make assistive technology easily obtainable for people of any age and/or disability.