Employment Services

Finding Gainful Employment Is within Reach

A good paying job can lead to a lifetime of happiness and stability for you and your family. But finding that job and making sure you are qualified can feel overwhelming.

Our employment-based programs support youth and adults, including those with disabilities as you:

  • Decide what type of job suits you best
  • Investigate careers that are in-demand
  • Ensure you have the skills to follow the career path you choose
  • Prepare for a job interview to boost your chances of getting hired

Employment Services for People with Disabilities

Our programs and services have helped hundreds of individuals with disabilities – youth and adults – find meaningful employment. We’re here to empower you to grow and reach your full potential.

Employment Services for Youth and Young Adults

If you’re 16-24 years old and not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life, we can help. It’s common to feel uncertain as you consider what type of job is best, and make sure you have the skills to get hired.

Employment Services for Adults

We want you to have new experiences and relationships so that you’ll keep setting new goals and dreaming big. Along the way we’ll support you with resume assistance, interview preparation, training opportunities, networking, and job coaching.

In-Demand Career Training

The quickest way to employment is to know which career paths are most in demand and to make sure you have the skills that line up with them. We have programs to prepare young men and women for careers in these areas.

Family Stability

Certain situations in life can threaten your income and create challenges to keeping steady employment. We have programs to support you and your family as you work towards permanent stability.

Opportunities for Employers

Our employment-based programs support youth and adults, including those with disabilities, by aligning employers with individuals who want to work.