MVS Resource Line

Helping Veterans and Their Families Connect to Services and Resources

Veterans can benefit from a wide range of government resources, and a growing number of private and non-profit organizations who are eager to give-back to veterans in recognition of their service. Numerous community organizations have developed programs to assist veterans with needs not addressed by their government benefits. Unfortunately, many veterans are either not aware of their full range of benefits and choices, or they don’t know how to access them. Easterseals Redwood Military & Veteran Services MVS Resource Line bridges that disconnect in the Tri-state by connecting veterans with contacts at organizations that will meet their needs.

The MVS Resource Line responds to requests from veterans or their families looking for assistance. Examples include Veteran’s Benefits Information, Caregiver resources, Financial assistance resources, Healthcare options and more.

Veterans and their families who request information or emergency assistance from the MVS Resource Line will be presented with the public, private, and not-for-profit resources most suited to their needs, allowing them to focus their time on the most viable options. The MVS Resource Line has helped veterans find solutions to specific needs including:

  • Providing a bus ticket for a veteran who needed to get to Michigan to visit his critically ill mother.
  • Providing utility bill assistance to a veteran single parent with four children while he transitioned into a new job.
  • Assisting the widow of a veteran with utilities and groceries for herself and three children while waiting for her husband’s benefits to begin.
  • Providing moving cost assistance to a veteran and his wife who were relocating within Northern Kentucky.

The MVS Resource Line is open to all veterans, active duty, guard, reserve, and their families at no charge, including veterans with a less than an honorable discharge.