Building Value

Sustainable Careers. Sustainable Goods. Sustainable Community.

Building Value is a social enterprise of Easterseals Redwood which focuses on helping women and people of color develop construction (and deconstruction) skills needed for a career in this growing industry.

What Program Enrollees Learn

In addition to the skills needed for a career in construction, program enrollees also learn:

  • Attendance and timeliness
  • Job site and construction safety
  • OSHA10, Forklift, and Bobcat certifications
  • Job tool knowledge, use, and experience
  • How to salvage reusable materials from construction sites

Permanent job opportunities with area companies are available to those who successfully complete the program. They are assisted by a job coach as they transition to permanent employment.

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We Teach Construction Through Deconstruction

Our crews are experts in the deconstruction and salvage of kitchens, bathrooms, ‘whole house’ residential structures, and commercial buildings. Materials salvaged by our deconstruction crews go to our retail store in Northside. In doing so we divert thousands of tons of useable building material from area landfills.

To date we’ve completed over 450 deconstruction and demolition projects. Our customers include Neal’s Remodeling, Baucher Home Remodeling, The Christ Hospital, the City of Cincinnati, and many satisfied residential clients. The Cincinnati Port Authority has also been a great partner and a continuous source of referrals.

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Retail Store

All salvaged and reusable materials, as well as new construction materials, are sold to the public in our retail store at 4040 Spring Grove Avenue in Northside. Additionally you’ll find items donated by homeowners, contractors, and other generous builders in the region. The store:

  • Sells everything at significant discounts
  • Offers a second life to architectural gems and other salvageable materials
  • Raises money to pay for some of Building Value’s expenses
  • Provides retail work experience to enrollees in our program

You can help by donating gently used appliances, cabinets, and other building material items. Find a list of ACCEPTED DONATION ITEMS or support Building Value by volunteering, or by making a financial gift.

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