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Upgrade your Outdoor Living Space with Building Value Hardscaping

December 16, 2022

CINCINNATI, OH – Building Value is now booking for 2023 Hardscaping projects. Long known for their job training programs, deconstruction services and retail outlet, Building Value continues to expand its footprint in the community with its hardscaping service line.

Hardscaping is a natural fit for Building Value’s deconstruction leadership: many are certified paver installers, with 40 years of hardscaping experience all together. Plus, the projects they have completed so far are popular with trainees looking to diversify their work experience.

Hardscaping has proven an enduringly popular and viable way to increase the value of your home, with experts advising homeowners to prioritize enhancing your outdoor living space over interior renovations such as a new kitchen or bathroom.

Building Value is seeking to fill the gap between homeowners and commercial pavers that tend to turn down “small” projects, offering competitive pricing on projects of all sizes. If you are interested in increasing the value and curb appeal of your home with a new patio, driveway, walkway or garden wall, reach out to Building Value’s hardscaping experts at (513) 475-6783 or for a FREE consultation.

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