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The Michael Medley Story

October 12, 2022

CINCINNATI, OH – Michael came to Easterseals as a client nearly 13 years ago and worked in production followed by seven years of operating the register in Building Value. As a client, he credits Easterseals for helping him learn to develop a strong daily routine.

After four years away from Easterseals, Michael received a life-changing phone call. “When I was asked to be on staff, I was happy and ready to come back. I knew most of the staff and wanted to really be part of the agency and learn things I didn’t know as a client,” he said. Michael now works at the front desk and in the production department.

One of his greatest challenges has been not having a car and needing to rely on public transportation. When he dreams about the future, he hopes to get a car and complete his degree in drafting. His advice to others struggling with challenges is to “never give up and keep God first.” He loves to spend time with his family, especially going to the church that his grandparents started.

Thanks, Michael, for being a great ESRW staff member and inspiring your co-workers and clients!

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