A Story of Hope

Numotion and Easterseals Redwood Transforming Lives Together

For the past 18 months, Numotion, the nation’s leading provider of mobility solutions, has been a game-changer for the clients of Easterseals Redwood. Their partnership with Numotion in Lexington has not only revolutionized accessibility but has also become a lifeline for those with mobility limitations. It all began when Betsy Eiserman, ATRC and Accessibility Manager, witnessed a wheelchair evaluation, sparking discussions about launching a wheelchair clinic for safety purposes. Now, Numotion conducts monthly Nuts-and-Bolts clinics at our Ft. Mitchell campus, addressing critical issues like bolt replacements and chair restructuring. A person’s wheelchair is an extension of their body. Some individuals may have a wheelchair for their entire life so being comfortable in it not only allows them to be comfortable but also saves their life.

Lindsay Dill, Assistant Director of Adult Services, describes Numotion as a lifesaver, because they realize a wheelchair is not a one size fits all. They make sure that every meeting, modification, and evaluation is personalized to the client. Lindsay states, “In this field, you sometimes get territorial of your participants because your drive to advocate is so high. You only want to bring in the best partners to support their independence and be able to let them be independent and advocate for themselves.”

Before Numotion came to Easterseals Redwood, many of our clients would come in with broken down wheelchairs that weren’t safe for the clients. Aaron Block, an employee at Numotion says “We love what we do. Your compassion matches ours”. Numotion makes sure that they are in wheelchairs that fit their bodies appropriately, and their body structure is supported. When individuals are in their wheelchairs for the entire day and if they are not comfortable, it can lead to bedsores, skin sheer, and other uncomfortable issues.

Director of Adult Services KY, Lisha Stross, says “Our clients are excited to see the Numotion technicians and feel comfortable advocating for themselves. Previously, clients would be reluctant to share that their wheelchair is uncomfortable but now, participants speak up and say ‘Hey on the left side here there is something poking me, do you think I could get that fixed’”. Lisha also says that “When you don’t have great relationships with people and you always have to ask for help, you feel like burden. But when you’re building a relationship with someone, it’s easier to ask for help because you know that person is not going to judge you, and that is the environment that Numotion has created in these clinics.”

“Numotion staff treat every person with dignity,” says Beth Martin, Clinical Director. “They ask before they touch any equipment, and they ask questions directly to clients about comfort and functionality.  On more than one occasion, I’ve heard a client say ‘I’m fine’ when asked how their equipment is working, but then a NuMotion staff member will ask specifically something like, ‘I see that you’re leaning to the right a little bit. Is that putting pressure on your hip?’  At that point, the client will say, ‘Yes, it’s actually pretty sore. ‘If they hadn’t known the client from previous interactions AND taken the time to ask additional questions, that client would have left and still been in pain. Numotion takes the time to understand each individual person for who they are. Without Numotion, many clients would still be uncomfortable in their wheelchairs. We can’t thank Numotion enough for their support.”

At a Nuts-and-Bolts Clinic earlier this year, Numotion gifted Lori with a brand-new wheelchair that was donated to them. This is an example of Numotion going above and beyond for Easterseals Redwood clients. Lori lit up with joy when she was gifted the wheelchair.

Pictured: Aaron Block and Lori