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Hamilton County R3Source awards Easterseals Redwood generous grant for Building Value

May 5, 2023

CINCINNATI, OH – Hamilton County R3Source recently awarded Easterseals Redwood a $61,545 grant for Building Value. This funding will support the purchase of a work van and a flatbed truck to transport program participants and building materials to and from deconstruction sites and install a lumber processing facility to save salvaged wood.

Building Value is a workforce development and deconstruction service that preserves architectural treasures, provides quality materials at a bargain, encourages reuse among consumers and creates jobs. Building Value creates equitable opportunities for underserved people by training and certifying minority young adults in our community in the construction knowledge needed to gain sustainable employment, all while diverting waste from landfills and improving the neighborhood around them.

Building Value’s previous flatbed truck was recently retired after 17 years of hauling deconstructed materials from work sites to its resale store in Northside. The team is grateful for the opportunity to work with a new truck, purchase a work van to additionally transport tools and participants and install a lumber processing facility to grow the amount lumber able to be salvaged.

Since Easterseals Redwood founded Building Value in 2004, the social enterprise has diverted over 6,300 tons of materials from local landfills, and over 300 people have been trained for competitive employment. Learn more at

Hamilton County R3Source’s mission is to reduce reliance on landfills through waste reduction, reuse, and recycling programs. Hamilton County R3Source works closely with communities, schools, businesses, and institutions to provide technical assistance, education, and tools designed to reduce waste and capture valuable resources through recycling and composting. Learn more at

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