Transitional Employment

If your long-term goal is a permanent job with fair wages to support you and your family, transitional employment may be your first step. Our transitional employment programs are opportunities for you to work in a temporary job with the goal of preparing you for the permanent job you desire. Two programs – Building Value and our Packaging, Fulfillment, and Logistics Center – provide transitional employment for many Easterseals Redwood clients.

Job Placement

Job placement is offered to adults with disabilities through funding from vocational rehabilitation. Job placement is just that – helping you find the right placement in a job that matches your skills, talents, and personal preferences. You will work with a job developer to create an individualized plan to secure the job that will launch you on a career of success!

Job Coaching

Job coaching is offered for individuals with disabilities once you secure a job in the community.  You’ll be assigned a job coach who will assist in navigating all aspects of managing your new job – like transportation, uniforms, training, and on-going success. A job coach ensures you understand the expectations of the job, offers training to meet the expectations, and assists in your ability to keep the job! Job coaching is key to retaining employment.

Follow Along

Follow Along is a service offered to individuals who have secured a job in the community and  no longer have a job coach. Follow Along services check on you one or more times per month. We’ll also check in with your employer/supervisor to make sure you are meeting the expectations of the job and help if your job changes. Follow Along is a great service to make sure you keep your job and advance to new opportunities!