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Easterseals Redwood Military & Veteran Services awarded grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation

July 21, 2023

Easterseals Redwood is proud to announce that our Military & Veteran Services has received funding from the Bob Woodruff Foundation for our work in providing veterans and their families with emergency support and supporting them on their path to employment.

“We’re so grateful for this partnership with the Bob Woodruff Foundation to provide life-changing services and support to veterans in Greater Cincinnati,” said Sherry Ems, Director of Easterseals Redwood’s Military & Veteran Services.

Easterseals Redwood is committed to serving every veteran and military family member in Greater Cincinnati. Our pledge is to meet every veteran’s specific needs by connecting them with the resources they need to find success in their lives—whether that’s during an emergency, in finding employment, or in education and job training. Military & Veteran Services was founded in 2013 to address growing veteran needs in the region. In the past decade, we’ve served nearly 4,000 veterans.

Easterseals Redwood is one of 21 organizations awarded over $2.9 million in the Spring 2023 investment cycle focused on ensuring veterans, service members, and their families have stable and successful futures.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) was founded in 2006 after reporter Bob Woodruff was wounded by a roadside bomb while covering the war in Iraq. Since then, BWF has led an enduring call to action for people to stand up for heroes and meet the emerging and long-term needs of today’s veterans, including mental health, caregiver support, food insecurity and service-connected fertility issues. To date, BWF has invested over $124 million to find, fund and shape programs that have empowered impacted veterans, service members, and their family members across the nation, reinforcing the message that BWF has ‘Got Your Six’. To discover stories of success and innovation from BWF’s network of partners, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @bwforg.

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