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Easterseals Redwood Awarded $40,000 Grant for Construction Programs from the Charles H. Dater Foundation

April 11, 2023|

Cincinnati, OH – Easterseals Redwood recently received $40,000 from the Charles H. Dater Foundation to support people facing economic disadvantages who are seeking careers in the construction industry. Easterseals Redwood is incredibly grateful for the foundation’s continued support of youth and adults working toward sustainable [...]

Hands-on Learning Builds Careers and Homes

April 1, 2023|

Easterseals Redwood understands the importance of hands-on learning for building confidence and competence in the next generation of workforce. As the recipient of a Department of Labor YouthBuild grant, Easterseals Redwood helps construction students explore the vast array of construction careers available to them. This [...]

Help Veteran Sean get his Wish for an Accessible Bathroom

December 11, 2022|

CINCINNATI, OH – During two tours in Afghanistan, Sean Rhorer survived firefights, rocket-propelled grenades and improvised explosive devices. But the Army veteran’s longest, most difficult battle – the one that almost cost him his life – was waged when he returned to civilian life. It [...]

Easterseals Redwood receives $30,000 grant for construction programs from the Charles H. Dater Foundation

November 21, 2022|

(CINCINNATI) - Easterseals Redwood recently received $30,000 for Construction Pathway from the Charles H. Dater Foundation. Easterseals Redwood is grateful for the foundation’s continued support of youth working toward sustainable careers in this fast-growing industry. The Charles H. Dater Foundation was founded 1985 to support [...]