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A letter from Sharon Fusco

October 13, 2022


When Easterseals Redwood was created this past summer through combining Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati and Redwood, I knew that it meant I would eventually exit the company to pursue other opportunities. I did not realize those opportunities would find me, nor that they would find me so quickly. However, I have an opportunity to oversee a mission serving veterans, which is close to my heart. It also affords me the chance to relocate to be closer to my relatives. Hence, my last day with Easterseals Redwood will be November 2.

I am excited for Easterseals Redwood’s next chapter. I’m leaving the organization in incredible hands knowing that it will be run by an outstanding leader, Pam Green, and a stellar Senior Leadership Team. This is a team that you can count on to take care of the organization and its people while pursuing new opportunities and innovations that will lead the organization to the next level of success. This means our clients will continue to receive the high-quality care and gold star service they have always received with the prospect of being able to serve even more people as Easterseals Redwood.

I am grateful for the support, encouragement and friendship you have provided over the past two years.

I will be watching from afar as the team continues to help individuals with disabilities and veterans reach their full potential and become economically independent.


Sharon Fusco

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