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A letter from Pam Green, President & CEO of Easterseals Redwood

August 1, 2023

This is a big day at Easterseals Redwood. Exactly one year ago, I posted the following:

“How fitting that today–National Disability Independence Day, which commemorates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990– Easterseals serving Greater Cincinnati and Redwood of Northern Kentucky announced we are combining operations to create Easterseals Redwood.

As I looked into the audience of friends who joined us on the Purple People Bridge to celebrate, I was struck by how many would not have been able to join us 32 years ago. The Bridge is accessible for our guests who use wheelchairs; an interpreter was on hand for those who are deaf or hearing impaired; and our clients with developmental disabilities joined us from their community-based programs. 32 years ago many of them would have been served in institutions.

And that’s what this is about: advancing 100% equity, access and inclusion in our community regardless of zip code. I’ve heard too many stories about people having to move their entire family across state lines to get the services they need. I’ve heard too many veterans—41% of whom have disabilities—who just need a little help to get going and can’t find it. Today, we are able to better serve those who come to us for assistance. Today, our voice is stronger as we advocate. Today, we created something new. Tomorrow, the real work begins. Easterseals Redwood…imagine the impact.”

And here we are on National Disability Independence Day 2023, reflecting on the change a year has brought. At Easterseals Redwood, we’ve expanded to more community-based sites with great partners like the Cincinnati Museum Center; we will be providing medical childcare services for Brighton Center clients soon, and any day now we will be formally announcing a new program site in Florence where we will provide intergenerational programming with our partners at the YMCA. We’ve raised $26 million dollars to renovate both our campuses with accessible design as a top priority.

We’ve invested in our employees: more than 50 have seen promotions and increases in responsibilities. We’ve hired more than 80 staff, `nearly 20% of whom have a disability. And we’ve held turnover to less than 10%.

On National Disability Independence Day, I celebrate the problem solvers, creative thinkers and innovators who make up the disability community and walk hand in hand with Easterseals Redwood as we strive to advance 100% equity, access and inclusion for people with disabilities and our community. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds.


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